In Home Water Treatment Testing Services

Not all water is the same! The water we use on the lawn shouldn't be the same as the water we use to bathe, and the water we drink and cook with should be even better! The Clean Water Center strives and excels at making problem water into great water for every aspect of your life. It starts with consultation and professional water quality testing.

The Clean Water Center offers a free in home consultation to anyone looking for water treatment options. One of our project coordinators will visit your home to test your water, educate you on everything that we test for and take you through the basics of water. Because every family is different, our water experts will take the time to evaluate and understand your family's water needs and wants and custom fit a solution to your family. We use cutting edge technology products that are made in the USA . Our advanced water treatment solutions and standards are the best available and are competitively priced. Your project coordinator will explain your treatment options and ensure that you have all the information necessary to make the best decision for you and your family.

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water treatment consultation in home